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10 ways to generate more sales in an online store

Flash Sale BlogSite wide discounts, Countdown timers for Sale , Clubbing Offers , Upsell, Cross Sell, Anniversary Sale, Special Day Discounts, Holiday Offers, Discount Codes …there are tons of powerful ways to generate more Sale to your Online Store.  

Most D2C businesses harness these weapons to ‘UP THE GAME’ in Shopify now. Depending on when to give offers , how to showcase offers and how much to offer significantly affect the AOV ( Average order value ) and Monthly Turnover.

But when used randomly these factors can harm the Brand Value and Profit of any business!!

So here are 10 pointers on How to Use Discounts and Offers effectively to generate more Sale to your Shopify Stores.

How to use offers to drive new sales and repeat purchases

  1. Site Wide Discounts
  2. This is the most popular type and applies to all items and SKUs. Starting with a 5% to 10% it can really go on up to 20-30% drawing significant interest of the buyers. Sometimes to clear the inventory that is old or not moving D2C Stores use as significant as a 50% discount on their merchandise.

  3. Value Discount
  4. This means you are pushing the buyers to buy products worth a particular amount to give a discount. For example – Buy product worth 999 to get 20% off. This is better known as Upsell.

  5. Free Gifts
  6. Providing a free gift with a particular amount purchase is a great way to delight your customers. For example, Buy Cosmetics worth 1299 and get a free Lipliner.

  7. Special Day/ Holiday Offers
  8. To make the most out of the Special Days almost all D2C Shopify Stores provide huge deals/discounts. For example, in India, Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Dussera, Eid, Christmas etc are Holidays to provide opportunities to share relevant offers and discounts ( Holiday Sales) to the customers

  9. Abandon Cart Offer
  10. A very significant and often overlooked area. About 70% of the people abandon their carts and leave the site, so to target those customers with Special Offers on the items of their Cart implies  better Conversion and Sales.

  11. First Time Purchase Offer
  12. Shopify Stores are giving discounts to customers who are purchasing for the first time. This is one of the widely popular methods to acquire new customers and having to provide discount only once.

  13. Subscription Offer
  14. Another popular method for Customer Acquisition for Shopify Store Owners. Offering some discounts of purchases when one signs for News Letters/ Emails help in getting customer data and later doing Email Marketing SMS/ Whatsapp Campaigning .

  15. Referrals
  16. Customers are more likely to purchase from you if you are referred by Family of Friends.

    Often Shopify Stores use this advantage to acquire new potential customers who are referred by someone and that someone also benefits by getting additional discounts by referring.

  17. Clubbing Items Combo Offers
  18. This is a great way to Cross Sell your products. Related products ( for example Eye Shadows and Brushes) can be bundled together in a Deal. In this way the user benefits by not having to buy 2 items at a higher price and the store owner liquidates inventory faster resulting in increased volume of Sales.

  19. Flash Sale
  20. Last but not the least. Flash Sales are Discounts and Promotions given by an eCommerce stores for a limited period of time.

    The quantity is limited, which often means the discounts are higher or more significant than normal promotions.

    The time limit and limited availability entice consumers to buy on the spot - aka impulse buying or FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out)

So to sum it up, Discounts and Promotions are a great way to get repeat customers or in new customer acquisition and it is widely used across most of the Shopify Websites for eCommerce. Yet one needs to trade very cautiously. Keeping a Goal in mind as to how much offers you can afford and till how long decides on your Customer Loyalty and Increased Revenue.

There are hundreds of Shopify Apps ( Custom or Public ) that provide the above mentioned features to help D2C Store Owners to Scale their Businesses.

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