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Why pick Shopify for your Business | Techwishes

Why Shopify for your business?

You need to start selling Online- and Fast!!

You want a quick and easy set up- to reach out to maximum number of customers to sell your products, ship it on time and get the business going.

That’s where Shopify comes as a complete solution. Here are a few reasons why Shopify is doing better than its competitors. 

Shopify Plus

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on Earth, occupying almost 20% of the market. As of January 2022, there are almost 2.6 million online stores in the US alone that use Shopify as their platform.

  1. Doesn’t need much Coding: You do not have to be a techie to start your online store in Shopify. Its Simple, Easy to Set up and Fast!!
  2. Security : An efficient all-in-one solution like Shopify streamlines the security and compliance side of the business and covers a whole range of issues like hackers, compliance, caching — which often comes up with hosting an online store. Shopify pays bounties to Cybersecurity experts to hack-proof their systems.
  3. Themes: One of their advantages are their beautiful storefront themes. They can design your website to look elegant and professional, which helps in retaining customers.
    With plenty of free/paid themes available, there is a match for every type of business.
  4. Packages are affordable: Basic Shopify packages are quite affordable. So it won’t burn a hole in your pocket to start your online business.
  5. Apps: Shopify comes packed with a ton of built-in features. However, every business has different requirements which cannot possibly be accommodated at once. Addressing this problem — they started their ‘Own App Store.’
    Apart from their core features, businesses can now download hyper-specialized apps which plugs-in to your Shopify platform and provide you with the desired feature. This makes the platform light-weight and at the same time provides the required features which cater to your specific business needs.
  6. Provides  SEO: This app is our choice for one of the best free shop app because it helps you find SEO (search engine optimization) issues, troubleshoot, and fix them, so you can go to your eCommerce store. Drive more web traffic.
  7. Many payment gateways: A lot of payment gateways available to make sure you have a broad network.
  8. Explicit Dashboards: Explicit Dashboards are available for Orders, customers, analytics to get the detailed view of what’s going on in your business.
  9. Shipping set up is easy
  10. Discount code generation/gift card generation without using any plugins.
Shopify selling online


Shopify can undoubtedly be one of the biggest and most successful eCommerce platforms out there. It has successfully been able to build customer trust in a short period of time but that doesn’t mean it is right for businesses of every magnitude. 
There are a few flaws that may mar business owners not to opt for this platform. However, that doesn’t deem Shopify as an inefficient platform. It is one of the best platforms out there for small and medium-sized business owners looking to start out in the eCommerce Ecosystem


2022-02-21 12:37:16