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reasons why shopify is the best ecommerce platform

7 Reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform

The majority of Shopify experts speak of Shopify as the best eCommerce platform out there. However, what makes Shopify so great? Let’s have a look…

The hurdles to participating in the eCommerce industry have gradually decreased for both buyers and sellers as a result of the Internet's and technology's rapid advancement. And the possibilities are endless, and it's amazing to think about them.

Online shopping's convenience is hard to refuse. And from the seller's perspective, anyone can easily create an online store with the aid of many eCommerce platforms.

However, it would be ideal to select a platform where you can first experience convenience before taking the leap, as the original goal is to promote convenience and contentment in purchasing for customers.

While talking about the best eCommerce platforms out there -

Which eCommerce platform, then, should you choose, and why? There are numerous solutions. However, it is not always feasible to learn and investigate everything about them, so Shopify is the ideal option for your eCommerce business. And the Shopify experts in our team would like to point out some good reasons.

What Makes Shopify So Fantastic?

There are many different eCommerce platforms on the market. However, when establishing the best eCommerce platform, every business first and primarily considers Shopify among all of these platforms.

As most Shopify developers would highlight, Shopify is a fantastic platform because it offers everything your eCommerce store requires or seeks. It is important to understand a little bit more about Shopify before learning the factors contributing to its global appeal.

More about Shopify:

  1. With more than 325,000 merchants utilizing it to power their businesses, Shopify is a global leader.
  2. Even those who have never launched an online store before can simply do so using the Shopify store builder in a matter of minutes, without the help of Shopify developers.
  3. Due to its ongoing innovation, Shopify is the only platform with the most cutting-edge features and technology in every area of eCommerce.
  4. Since Shopify updates its user interface frequently, it will always rank among the most aesthetically pleasing platforms.
  5. Millions of active consumers use Shopify's marketplace, which has a long history of innovation and customer care.
  6. For those looking to launch a business, Shopify offers free and inexpensive shipping, billing, and credit card processing alternatives.
  7. The user-friendly nature of Shopify's mobile apps makes them ideal for any company that caters to clients that need access to their goods and services right away.

Shopify offers a whole package for creating an eCommerce website and enables you to sell practically anywhere by connecting local languages, designing different sorts of pages simply with an online editor built-in, and providing support and customisation in online stores.

The fact that the owner doesn't need to have any technical experience to develop their site makes Shopify the finest eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs. All you need to do is select a store name and create a straightforward website.

However, you will indeed need Shopify experts, nevertheless, for future development and modification.

Shopify solves the following issues in a jiffy:

  • Making the transfer to Shopify won't be as challenging as creating your first eCommerce platform because it's a user-friendly platform.
  • Additionally, you won't have to deal with the phrase that scares entrepreneurs the most: "code."
  • Shopify provides guidance and helps to make things simple for you, without having to reach out to Shopify developers.
  • Shopify has always been at the cutting edge of integrations, tech stacks, mobile responsive designs, themes, and customisation.
  • They cooperate with the Shark Tank investors and respect their clientele to provide the ungraded advancements they demand.

Thus, Shopify is the first name we Shopify Experts provide to our clients when we have to suggest an eCommerce platform.

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the fail-proof reasons why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform out there. Also, why do all Shopify experts swear by it?

Reasons Why Shopify Is The Best eCommerce Platform


Shopify is more flexible than alternative systems.

The major drawback of alternative e-commerce systems is how little control you have over the appearance of your store. You won't be able to modify the design and feel of your website to fit your brand. For many stores, this can be disastrous for it is a revolutionary idea to stand out from the crowd. 

With Shopify as your eCommerce platform and Shopify developers to help, you have the opportunity to design a special online store where you can advertise your goods or services in any way you see fit.

Many prospective retailers are attempting to balance the benefits and drawbacks of various eCommerce shop platforms. But compared to other platforms, Shopify offers more flexibility when it comes to customizing your store. For instance, Shopify offers free access to third-party apps and themes (with some restrictions). The default URL given to you by your hosting provider can be replaced with a custom domain for your store.

Shopify is an app-rich platform

There is an abundance of powerful and practical apps all around Shopify. It is the greatest option for anyone running an eCommerce business because of this. Customers are falling more and more in love with Shopify since its ecosystem of apps provides all the features and services they require for their online enterprises.

Applications from Shopify, like administration, marketing, and sales-boosting tools, may grow with your company. Here are a few suggestions. Look at this:

  1. Marketing and advertising tools for Shopify include Omnisend, Sumo, PROOFO, OptinMonster, and TrustPulse.
  2. Customer care tools for Shopify include HelpCenter, Yotpo, and Facebook Live Chat
  3. Recharge, Smile, Catalog Maker, and AVADA Discount Code Generator are Shopify apps for sales.
  4. Shopify management tools include Printful, AVADA PDF Invoice, and Spocket.
  5. SEO tools for Shopify include SEO Suite and SEO Image Optimize.
  6. Social Photos and Pocket are two content apps for Shopify.

Every major browser is compatible with Shopify.

Because Shopify is compatible with all popular browsers, buyers may view your products on the browser of their choice. Rarely, if ever, are most e-commerce platforms fully compatible. The fact that about 25% of people in the UK (or the US) choose Apple computers over other gadgets like Microsoft Windows laptops or tablets makes this a challenge for shops.

We Shopify developers adore Shopify, one of the most well-known e-commerce systems. All popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, are supported by the platform. However, Shopify stands out from other e-commerce platforms in other ways as well.

Plenty of themes to explore

When creating your Shopify site, there are thousands of themes to pick from. There are many different styles and functionalities offered, with both free and paid alternatives, so there is likely to be one that suits your specific requirements. The Envato Market or Shopify platforms are where you can locate all of the available themes.

Shopify 2.0 improvements were released in June 2021. The addition of a "section everywhere" to Shopify 2.0 themes was one of the most significant updates in the release. With this upgrade, you may now add sections to any page type, as opposed to simply the homepage, as was the case with earlier iterations.

As most Shopify experts believe, this was the final modification required to bring Shopify up to par with other platforms like WordPress in terms of customizability.

There is no requirement for coding expertise because each template has a number of modification possibilities in its settings. However, Shopify developers will be able to edit the theme code for you and add any customizations you require if you wish to further customize your theme by including cutting-edge features or original designs.

Shopify offers multi-currency payment gateways

You may provide a wide range of payment methods with a Shopify store without the addition of additional third-party tools to route transactions to your bank. All common payment methods, be it credit cards or debit cards, even Paypal, Amazon Pay, and Bitcoin, are supported by this e-commerce platform.

Additionally, Shopify offers a built-in multi-currency system that enables your store to accept payments in virtually any currency from across the world.

Shopify is a high-functional eCommerce platform

Shopify is an eCommerce platform with all the features your business needs to set up an online store and begin selling goods. Shopify has more than 500 000 merchants in 190 nations, and it provides a variety of online solutions for companies of all sizes.

The necessary components to power your online store are included in Shopify's eCommerce platform, from secure shopping cart software to an integrated payment gateway (credit card processing). You can also use solutions made especially for merchants, such as consumer analytics or inventory management.

With Shopify, scaling has never been easier

Scaling up will just require routinely updating your business and making changes day by day if you set up your store correctly from the start. For this reason, we advise hiring professional Shopify developers like ourselves to set up your store.

You will see a substantial influence on your conversion at this level because the scale-up process typically results in a complete rebrand and makeover. This action can be securely completed offline in Shopify. As a result, you won't have to worry about platform transfer or data loss throughout the development period and can continue operating your business as usual.

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You put in the effort and launched a beautiful online business, but there will always be minor issues that need to be upgraded or corrected. Trying to complete these activities on your own is a nuisance; it requires time and resources that you don't have.

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