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How to boost Conversion in Shopify eCommerce?

The most important conversion funnels in Shopify are as follows:

Shopify conversions
  • Added to Cart
  • Reached Checkout
  • Purchased

Hands down, out of these ,the MOST IMPORTANT thing that Store Owners are concerned about is the Purchased funnel because it  happens when a Visitor of your Store finally Purchases- Simply put.

Conversion rates are calculated by simply taking the number of conversions and dividing that by the number of total website interactions that can be tracked to a conversion during a given time period.

For example, if you had 50 conversions from 1,000 interactions, your conversion rate would be 5%, since 50 ÷ 1,000 = 5%.

In the Purchase funnel ,anything above 3.3% puts you in the top 20% of Shopify stores.

Anything less than 0.4% puts you in the bottom 20%.

While getting the best Conversions is critical .what most people do not undertake is meticulously analyze data / numbers . It is imperative that the entire User Journey of each and every customer (known/unknown) is clearly mapped with numbers . Where all the user is going , what all banners are being clicked , what product is doing well, what are the pages with greater amount of bounce rate , segregating Organic/Inorganic traffic , Products that are not doing well , what are sections, CTAs being clicked . Unless you are on top of data in terms of what the customers are doing , have it mapped clearly in your head and then target the entire User Journey across devices(Mobile First ) , the chances are , more often than not , you will struggle .

Here are the few ideas to boost Conversion ( not in any particular order) in Shopify!! . Don’t miss out on the last one 😊


Mobile First Approach

1. Mobile First Approach

More than 90% of your customers come from Mobile Devices . That is what the trends show us . Are all your CTAs clearly visible / clickable , are your banners properly aligned and not stretched , is the experience to your website extremely smooth TO YOU ? Essential questions worth deliberating .

2. Great Visuals

Presentation is everything..Especially in today’s eCommerce. The more attractive your Website/Products looks, the more user attention it gets. Minimalistic Designs are IN big-time.

3. Page Speed

Often Neglected but that’s your Sleeping Giant. Website Conversion Rates drop by a massive 4.42% on an average with every passing seconds!! Everyone loves a Lightning-Fast Website. Anything above 50 is considered to be Good while anything above 70 is GREAT.


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4. Search Engine Optimization

While we understand that this era is all about Paid Advertisements , Performance Marketing over Social Media channels and increasing your ROAS , it is crucial that ,when the user searched with keywords that best describe/define your category/product/brand  , your store lists on top . Often undermined but SEO if done well tends to have a lasting effect as the TG has keyed in his/her requirement .

5. Use Email Templates / SMS / Whatsapp Campaigns

Use these with your Latest Offers , on Abandoned Cart Journeys , First Time Purchases , Integrate these on Orders/Sign ups  and make it super compelling. It is proven that Super Exciting Emailers are one of the major reasons for your existing customers to revisit your Website.

6. Brand Recall

Is your domain name super simple to remember and pronounce  ?, What is your USP ? Is it adequately coming through ? A great way of doing this is through relatable Videos which coney your brand objective/USP. Attractive Videos win everyones attention.

Free Shipping

7. Free Shipping

No one wants to pay Shipping charges when its almost free everywhere. Make them Purchase for a Minimum Value( which they will easily do) to avail Free Shipping

8. Easy Return

This gives a great comfort to the buyers specially to the Compulsive Ones

9. Story Telling

The art of story telling never ceases to amaze people young/old . SEO keyword specific content writing is key to this . Bloggers,Influencers who can showcase your products , it utilities , your story as textual content , videos, reels etc will allow enough eyeballs rolling over your website

10. Make Add to Cart and Checkout A Breeze

Upsell/Cross sell , ensure as many options , use cases here . In terms of speed , mobile responsiveness, ensure these are the best . Many many eCommerce stores are struggling with this final step even today.




11. Reduce RTO( Return to Origin )

In case of COD orders, the percentage of RTO orders can be as high as 40 percent! This means that at least one out of three orders were failed orders and were returned .  In short , increase Prepaid Orders .

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