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Best Themes in Shopify

Let’s talk about some of the best Shopify Themes of 2022

Did you know? Themes play an important role in Shopify store conversion. Take a look at some of the best Shopify themes in 2022, curated by Shopify experts.

When it comes to your business’s online presence, the first impression of your website counts manifold. An eCommerce website or store design has a lot of functions we barely discuss, like the importance of a store’s appearance. As Blue Corona statistics highlighted the facts back in 2018, 38% of online shoppers are likely to abandon an online store if it is unappealing.

Apart from your web design’s attractive attributes that can retain customers, it also plays a part in the eCommerce conversion rate. So, are you making the most of your website design?

Website design and Shopify Themes

shopify themes

It is 2022, and Shopify wears the eCommerce platform's crown jewel; there is no debate about it. If you go for a one-on-one session with a Shopify expert India, they would suggest you migrate your eCommerce store to Shopify, if you aren’t already using it.

Themes play an essential role in Shopify store creation. The Shopify Theme Store offers 100+ themes for its users. However, picking one that is highly customizable, and conversion-friendly won’t be a piece of cake, and we suggest you hire a web development company in India for it.

Until then, our team of Shopify experts in India has curated some of the best theme Shopify themes to try in 2022. Each of these themes is superbly customizable, conversion-friendly, and feature-rich gaining the top of the list.

Top 5 Shopify Themes of 2022

  1. Dawn

    dawn shopify theme

    You already knew that! Shopify’s very own free theme makes it to the top of the 2022 themes list. Dawn’s minimalist design structure makes your products the show stopper. With the Online Store 2.0 upgrade, Shopify has enabled new customizable touches to its theme.

    Here are some of the talked-about features of Dawn, and why Shopify experts love this theme

    • Quick drag-and-drop of sections maximizing the layout adaptability.
    • Add, edit, arrange and rearrange without the hassle of coding.
    • Minimalist design that suits a plethora of merchants.
    • Way more flexible than other themes regarding blocks and sections on pages.
    • Dawn is supportive of adding and customizing app blocks.
    • It is 35% faster than Debut, hence, beneficial to the conversion rate.
    • The mobile-first design makes it an intuitive experience for customers.

    There are more features this theme has to offer that can be discussed here. To learn more about how to set up a new Shopify theme, you can get in touch with an expert Shopify developer or as mentioned earlier, hire a web development company in India.

  2. Wokiee

    Wookie Shopify theme

    Wookie made it to the top of the theme’s list this 2022 and is considered a multipurpose Shopify theme catering to the needs of a variety of businesses.

    Available on the Theme forest website, this theme is priced at around $79 with 6 months of support. Let's take a look at the features it offers:

    • It contains all the necessary tools and elements to build a lightning-fast, mobile-first, and highly responsive online store.
    • Around 80+ customizable homepage layouts tailored to any industry need.
    • The regular license at $79 allows you to create one online store. However, the extended license of $1750 comes with 12-month support and chargeable access to visitors.
    • Wookie offers multi-header options; about 8 of them. This makes navigation compelling and easy to work on
    • Comes with a built-in Google rich snippet tool, making ranking easier than ever.
  3. Ella

    Ella Shopify Theme

    Ella is another popular Shopify template on the Theme Forest website and is an amazing choice for Shopify store owners who have upgraded to OS 2.0.

    If you haven’t, get in touch with Shopify Experts and upgrade your Store to Shopify 2.0 and make the most of its benefits.

    Here’s what Ella has to offer –

    • Easy drag-and-drop features for blocks and sections throughout the website, without coding your way.
    • Flexible design options with 50+ homepage layouts: whichever fits a business.
    • Very much like Wookie, Ella comes with in-built Google’s product-rich snippet, making it excellent for SEO.
    • 6+ category page layout, 9+ product page layout, 5+ blog page layout and much more.
    • A plethora of customizable pages you’re a Shopify developer can work around with.

    The regular license comes at a price of $89, however, you can grab it cheaper during sale seasons. The theme is available in Theme forest. Get in touch with a Shopify expert to help you with the Ella and its customization.

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  4. Loft

    Loft Shopify theme

    The next in line is the Shopify theme Loft by Trailblaze Media. This is the perfect theme for brands that believe in storytelling rather than just displaying products. At present, Loft is upgraded with Shopify 2.0, and has much to deliver.

    • Visual-branding focused theme, with exceptionally optimized editorial section.
    • Premium marketing and conversion features like promos, reviews, recommendations, stock counter, and more.
    • Designed for businesses with a huge inventory and offers high-resolution images.
    • Product discovery made easy – Mega menu, enhanced product search, filtering and sorting, and more.
    • Also has a full-width Instagram feed.

    Available in the Shopify theme store itself, this theme is easy to try out and works with the latest Shopify features. A one-time payment of $280 if the theme is published on your Shopify store.

  5. Boost

    Boost Shopify theme

    Last but not least, Boost by Clean Canvas is a theme loved by the majority of Shopify experts in India, for its impactful design layout.

    Priced around $300, on the expensive side, this is the quickest theme to work with as it requires very less setup. Let’s have a look at the features:

    • Massive marketing features – blogs, custom contact forms, translation support, reviews, badges, promos and popups,s and much more.
    • Impressive upgrades for product pages to try out – image gallery, rollover, zoom, lookbooks, size cart, usage, and other information.
    • Versatile design and a unique and responsive layout add to the user experience.
    • Product discovery features include enhanced search, mega menu and breadcrumbs, and more.

    Now you have some of our favorite Shopify themes, and these have performed impressively this year and made it to the top of several lists. However, let's see what our team of Shopify experts has to say about themes and their importance.

Why is a good Shopify theme important for your website?

Consider your Shopify store as any other physical store that customs visit. What plays an important role is ‘branding’ and it’s not just about your logo.

The theme of your Shopify store plays an essential part in branding your business. It projects attraction, trust, responsiveness, shopping experience, and much more.

The theme also has a vital role in the UX of the website. It determines color schemes important for conversion triggers and manipulates navigations and layouts. Hence defining the overall website experience.

Why is it important to hire Shopify experts?

A lot of factors go around picking the right theme for your Shopify store. The budget you have, and the amount of functionality the theme offers. Some themes are highly feature-rich and improve the overall experience for both users and search engines. Shopify experts or seasoned Shopify developers would know it better.

Need a quick word with one of our experts? Get in touch with us. Techwishes is a web development company in India serving 100+ D2C brands through the years and helping them scale.

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