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How to measure SEO success: key metrics to track and Analyze

How to measure SEO success: key metrics to track and Analyze

SEO success can help ensure a positive impact on the brand's visibility. It even helps build credibility for a brand and helps attract a targeted audience for its business. It is an integral part of the digital marketing practice of a business and helps a business find its place in the busy online marketplace.

An organization needs to understand the effectiveness of its SEO strategies to understand their effectiveness and take measures for improvement accordingly. Effective metrics must be used to track and analyze the SEO practices undertaken.

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These are a few metrics and how they can help us analyze SEO success.

Let us discuss them in detail:

  • Organic traffic - helps us to quantify total organic sessions and pageviews. This helps us to analyze the number of visitors visiting through search engines. An increase in the number of visits is desirable and is considered an effective SEO strategy.
  • Keyword ranking - It is important to know the target keywords' position in search engines and choose low or high-competition keywords as per their suitability. An increase in the position of the keywords signifies positive results.
  • Click-through rates - CTR is an important metric for search engines. Better CTR rates are desirable and imply that your ads are compelling leading to the success of the particular campaign.
  • Bounce rate - it refers to the part of the visitors who leave a page without any interaction with the site. It is desired to have a minimum bounce rate rather having a higher engagement suggests meeting user expectations.
  • Time on page - it suggests the time spent by a user on the page be it on the content, product, or service. The more time a user consumes our content, the better it is for a website.
  • Backlinks- refers to the number of pages linking to a particular blog post. A higher number of backlinks suggests that the content is trustworthy and valuable resulting in increasing search engine ranking.
  • Conversion rates-  our campaigns might require sign-ups, clicks, downloads, subscriptions, etc. The visitors who do the actions are considered converted. Higher conversion rates suggest compelling content that can lead us to achieve our goals. 
  • Social shares - creating trending social media content that gets shared and reshared can help organically increase traffic to the page and brand create awareness.
  • Mobile-friendliness- creating a mobile-friendly website helps increase user experience and thus brings in a lot of mobile traffic. Thus creating a mobile-friendly website can help increase SEO ranking. 
  • Page load time-  the time it requires for a page to load refers to the page load speed. The attention span of a viewer is less thus pages that take time to load might end up losing traffic thus it is important to reduce page load time for better user experience and increase search engine rankings.
  • Dwell time- it refers to the total time a visitor spends on a site after clicking in since signup. It is desired to have a longer dwell time on a site. This signifies that users find our content valuable and might also like to subscribe to our products and services.
  • Engagement metrics- the way users engage with the content suggests the relevance of the content. The number of likes, shares, and comments suggests the kind of engagement one is getting on the content.


Regularly monitoring and analyzing the metrics is very important to effectively understand the SEO success of a business. SEO success helps a business increase a site’s visibility and bring traffic to the website. Compared to paid advertising SEO is a cost-effective and long-term strategy to increase a page’s ranking. You can use SEO practices as a cheaper way to continuously increase your brand’s visibility and increase traffic.

Creating a sense of brand trust and credibility for its users is very important for a brand to sustain itself SEO plays a pivotal role in increasing a brand’s trust and reputation. To increase conversion rates SEO efforts can ensure that the content reaches its audience.

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