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Best eCommerce Platform for Business

How to pick the best eCommerce platform for your business?

Let’s say you have a successful business that has been giving massive ROI. So, the next big step would be going digital. This means you get to reach an umpteenth number of audiences, quicker and on a larger scale. More audiences, more orders, better ROI: all the benefits that come with going digital.

The eCommerce industry was worth $ 4.2 trillion in the year 2020. And as Statista claims, is projected to reach $ 17 trillion by 2030. So, if you plan to go digital and turn into a successful eCommerce brand, the strategy is to get the best slice of the pie, now.

The eCommerce platform you choose to host your business on has the biggest impact on your business’ growth. As a web development company in India, with years of experience in the eCommerce field, we would say it is the biggest decision to be made.

At present, Shopify is the most desired eCommerce platform; there is no debate about it. It is preferred by a variety of aspiring businesses as well as Shopify experts worldwide.

In this article, we are going to talk about what factors make Shopify the best eCommerce platform and why it suits all types of eCommerce businesses every step of the way.

The best eCommerce platform: Shopify

eCommerce platform

There is no magic formula, that Shopify sticks to, to become one of the best platforms for an eCommerce business. Only some valuable factors have made it the best; here are six of those...


The way people shop today has changed, and so have their requirements for security. It is, thus, necessary to pick an eCommerce platform that prioritizes the privacy and data protection of the customers.

When deciding upon an eCommerce platform, ensure it provides features like an SSL certificate, data backup, and PCI compliance. These built-in security protocols prevent security breaches and payment gateway data thefts and more. It is also recommended by experts to pick a platform that offers fully-hosted solutions, thus making the need for third-party hosting solutions obsolete. And Shopify, pretty much, delivers all of that.

Bandwidth and high uptime

Online stores aren’t physical stores with a designated closing time. The eCommerce industry needs to be awake 24/7 for the customers. Hence, an eCommerce platform must ensure high up-time. That is, the capability to be up and running at all times. Shopify experts gloat for a reason; after all, it is the most promising and best eCommerce platform, providing a 99.99% uptime.


Building an eCommerce website is not always a piece of cake, especially when it is a not-so-friendly eCommerce dashboard. An intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce platform makes basic edits easier so that Shopify experts can customize to adjust the look and feel of your Shopify store. This platform also comes with a set of free as well as paid themes, that can be customized in multiple ways to speak for your brand.


No point in launching an eCommerce store unless it is optimized for mobiles as well. With a little peek into the statistics, you will get that the majority of online shoppers prefer mobile over desktop to shop. As Shopify experts suggest, it is important to look for functionalities and templates that are mobile-optimized when picking an eCommerce platform.

Extensive app store

The eCommerce success we often speak of doesn’t end with a Shopify store creation. As a business grows, the store would require solutions for sales, and marketing, and likewise. Any platform you pick should offer easy plugins and integration without the need to bring in third-party apps. Shopify, luckily, has 4000+ apps for merchants and Shopify experts to explore


Search Engine Optimization if done in the right way can boost a Shopify store, or say any eCommerce store’s online visibility. It is meant to bring in more traffic, reach potential customers, and improve brand visibility. The majority of businesses, roughly around 60%, believe SEO is the most important part of their business. However, the eCommerce platform must be SEO-friendly to allow the marketing tools to function better.


There are quite a few eCommerce platforms a business can choose from, each unique in its way. However, as a web development company in India, with years of experience, we suggest you pick a platform that is feature-rich and allows a business to scale better with the passing years of growth.

Shopify has been preferred by our team of Shopify experts India, especially for its feature-packed abilities: services and tools, all of which allow marketing, sales, and branding top-notch. Some businesses even conclude Shopify is a better yet affordable solution to their business needs.

It is not a business that attracts customers, but a brand. And Shopify can be an amazing platform to start with. Need help? Get in touch with us.

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