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Shopify Plus: Is It Right for Your Growing Business?

Shopify Plus: Is It Right for Your Growing Business?

We've all heard about Shopify, but what is Shopify Plus, and do you need it for your business? Today, we will discuss the pros, cons, and pricing for Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus was launched in 2014 for businesses doing more than $60,000 in monthly sales. It is designed for businesses with high growth and substantial annual revenue. Customizability is the most significant advantage that Shopify Plus offers to its users.

Let’s understand Shopify Plus

As a business expands, complexities tend to increase. A growing customer base, heightened website traffic, expanded inventory, and increased returns can pose challenges. Shopify Plus, equipped with its robust features, offers a solution to address these evolving needs.

API Access- Shopify plans do come with some API access but with Shopify Plus there is an increased API access limit that is required for handling a high volume of orders with integrated third-party software.

Some API Shopify Plus features that come with increased access are-

  • Gift cards- manage your store’s gift cards
  • User- manage staff accounts
  • Multipass- integrate and merge other websites with your Shopify credentials.

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  1. Shopify Flow- automates repetitive tasks and creates custom logic triggers after certain events or criteria are met. It also helps in creating customizations that do not require coding knowledge and builds connectors to integrate a tool
  2. Launchpad- Utilizing this feature, Shopify Plus users can strategize and automate procedures for product launches, apply discounts to specific products and collections, and efficiently organize promotional campaigns.
  3. Bandwidth- Shopify Plus users can access unlimited bandwidth and 200 TB of storage to ensure the account supports high sales volume.
  4. Checkout Customization: Shopify Plus users can customize their checkout experience, make changes to improve conversion, address any technical issues, and create a branded checkout
  5. Script editor- is an exclusive Shopify Plus app that allows users to edit metrics, bundle products together, offer promotions like free items with purchase and offer special deals. It also allows you to change shipping methods and shipping discounts.
  6. Shopify Pay- this allows customers to check out in seconds by entering a verification code, they can skip the whole shipping details and payment details process. Shopify Pay stores all checkout information and is available to customers on any device or browser.
  7. Save on server costs- Shopify Plus is a fully hosted solution and Shopify takes care of the server and its maintenance
  8. Merchant Success Program: This program is aimed at ensuring the success of merchants with high growth and high volume by providing specialized support, Shopify Plus Academy, a Plus community, and access to the Platform and Ecosystem
  9. Unlimited staff accounts- there is no limitation to who can access your store and make inventory updates, update pricing and track all changes. 
  10. Multichannel selling- with Shopify Plus you can do social selling using Instagram or Facebook

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Should you go for Shopify Plus?

The answer depends on the needs of your business if you are a large business enterprise having hundreds of orders every day then Shopify Plus is for you. 

Some questions to ask yourself before making the decision 

  • Are you planning to expand your business to other countries, that require another language and currency 
  • Do you need to add more than 15 staff to your Shopify account
  • You want to create customised discounts, payments or shipping options
  • You are looking to add custom apps to your Shopify store

In other words, if you are doing a lot of business and having high traffic then consider switching to Shopify Plus. it will offer you more flexibility, let you code, make customizations and provide higher customer support.


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