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Shopify's New Social eCommerce Tools to skyrocket Sales!

Grow your Audience using Twitter and Youtube shopping, this festive season.

This Festive Season let us use Shopify's New Social eCommerce Tools to skyrocket your Sales!

Twitter Shopping

Shopify Twitter selling for festive season

This features enables the Store Owners to sync their products to Twitter and Sell directly from their Twitter Profile. One of the first Stores that enabled this feature had actually seen their Sales go up to 116% through Twitter Channel alone.

Key Features/Benefits

  1. Selling where your followers are: Bring products to your conversations
  2. Reach new customers: Get your products in front of Active Shoppers. According to a survey 79% users come to Twitter to discover whats new!
  3. Manage them all in one place- that is Your Shopify Admin
  4. Grow your Audience : Use Twitters Ads to run Campaigns to grow your business.
  5. Showcase upto 50 Products on your Twitter Profile
  6. Use the Spotlight Section to add upto 5 Products in a Carousel
  7. Use Twitter Shops to include as many as 50 Products!

( Both these features are only visible on Mobile)

YouTube Shopping

In Shopify YouTube Shopping enables the D2C Merchants to Showcase their Products to Youtube

In Shopify YouTube Shopping enables the D2C Merchants (Stores) to Showcase their Products to Youtube to create Authentic, Live and On Demand shopping experience. It is one of the major players in Shopify's new social eCommerce tools( Twitter Shopping, Starter Plan, Linkpop, Shopify Collabs are the other eCommerce tools introduced recently)

Key Features/Benefits

  1. Instantly sync your products to YouTube: This is done with real time inventory levels and product info.
  2. Create authentic Live Shopping experience by pinning products during live Streaming.
  3. This manages your sales alongside other channels in Shopify
  4. Active vs Passive Selling: The Product Shelf can be featured on all High Demand Videos to drive passive traffic to the eCommerce site. It can drive more and more traffic during the Festive Season by pinning and tagging products while Live Streaming.
  5. Limited Editions creates a sense of Exclusivity while Festive/Holiday discounts create a sense of Urgency among the Shoppers.

These are the Simple Steps :

  1. Upload your Store to Youtube
  2. Pin products during Live Streams, so that viewers shop while watching the Live Videos
  3. Direct the users through Live Videos to correct pages/products of your store properly.

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