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techwishes and opensecret

Transforming Open Secret's Online Presence with Techwishes

As an eCommerce professional and a growth-centric web development company in India, it has been thrilling to follow the D2C ecosystem's rapid expansion over the years. Through the years, we have seen the growth of the eCommerce industry and its notable titans, the invention of tech platforms, shifting consumer patterns, and so much more.

We take satisfaction in having assisted and scaled a variety of direct-to-consumer brands from their early stages of development to actually spurring market growth. We have worked with some of the top brands in India and have shared different growth stages with them.
For some of these direct-to-consumer firms, we helped them establish a remarkable online platform from scratch, while for others, we worked on their existing online presence to elevate their brand narratives and websites.

If you are familiar with our brand, you must be aware that we excel at web development and design, specifically Shopify services. Our Shopify Experts had produced enormous changes for numerous prestigious organizations, starting with page speed optimization and custom theme development and continuing with app integration and much more.

We're going to discuss our journey with a special client, "Open Secret," in this blog.

About Open Secret - their problem statement

Open Secret has coined its ideology ‘India ki Unjunk Dukaan’ and has an amazing goal that people need to talk about more: Unkjunking. They have put forward the idea of making snacking healthy for the masses. And with a single click, you can shop for your favourite healthy snack from Open Secret and get it delivered home.

They have brought together several popular snacking brands you can shop from. Some of them are Kapiva, Sleepy Owl, Rage Coffee, PLIX, and much more. Open Secret also has an assortment of snack essentials, like brownies, chocolate bars, nuts mix, and a variety of combo packs for you and your loved ones.

So, if you are looking forward to revamping your health journey, Open Secret is a great companion.

However, as an uprising eCommerce brand, they were struggling with website speed. A slow eCommerce website comes with a heavy price, and can negatively impact the conversion rate, and increase cart abandonment. 

Why do we stress the importance of website speed? Here’s why:


  • 37% of customers are less likely to become returning customers to a slow website.
  • 45% of visitors are unsure of converting.
  • 40% of the visitors will abandon the store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Get in touch with our web developers for more insights.

How Techwishes helped Open Secret?

With an impressive team of Shopify Experts and web developers, our list of services branches out to a variety. The topmost service in our Shopify arsenal is page speed optimization, something Open Secret was looking forward to. We have talked about page speed several times, through blogs and social media, and pointed out the importance of it. 

We also promise our D2C brands a complete page speed optimization in 5 days, and so we did for Open Secret.
By the end of 5 days, Open Secret had 4X Page Speed, and there was more to deliver.

page speed optimization open secret

Apart from store speed, we tweaked certain sections of their online store intending to scale their business.
We implemented mobile number validation for shipping on the checkout page of the website, which is a strategic move to reduce RTO (Return to Origin). RTO in eCommerce means a particular order package never being received by the particular customer and returning to the origin. With so many online stores up and running in India with COD, the RTO rate can spike up to 40%.
Although RTO can never be zero, Open Secret has now much less to worry about it.

In addition to mobile verification, the implementation of coupons to the cart drawer by app integration was another thing our Shopify Developers executed. This in the long run would improve Open Secret’s conversion rate.

Our journey with Open Secret has just begun, and as a D2C-focused web development company in India, our objective is to help the brands stand out and scale better in this ever-growing eCommerce market.

Do not forget to check out Open Secret and try some of the high-quality snacks for the betterment of your health.

Wondering how Techwishes can help you?

  1. We are the Shopify Partners you need.
  2. We have experienced Shopify Experts available on board and can help your eCommerce store upgrade better.
  3. Have an eCommerce business idea? We can help you make your first step, as we did too.
  4. Need help revamping an old eCommerce website? We have done it several times and aced it.
  5. We understand your business voice and sentiment and value your grind.

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