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What are The New Features of Shopify Winter Edition 2024

What are The New Features of Shopify Winter Edition 2024

Shopify stands tall as the leading e-commerce platform that provides an opportunity for businesses to mark their online presence and sell their products. Every year Shopify comes up with its winter and summer editions of new updates that can help in turbocharging the businesses’s digital presence. These updates are like game-changers that can help you up ur game for your online business.

Let us check the brand-new features of Shopify together:

  • Shopify magic for writing about us and the FAQs section- AI is here to help you complete new pages in your store a bit quicker. You can now ask Shopify Magic to write your about us and FAQ page for your business. This can help you build trust among your potential customers for your business. Next time they visit your website they will have better answers to all their queries and will know where you come from and what you are up to.
  • Elevate product photo with AI- well what sees is what sells. Thus it is very important to show your viewers something that blows their minds and makes them excited about your product. Shopify has updated itself with new AI-enabled editing features that can help to create professional product photos. Using a few clicks and keywords you can now create, match, and remove backgrounds to your image. Isn't it amazing?
  • Sidekick your guide and advisor- well it might be impossible to have a Shopify expert by your side so Shopify has got to you, Sidekick. It is your personal, competent, intelligent advisor who has always got your back. It is designed to provide you with expert advice so you keep on achieving more and growing higher.
  • B2B business owners can now restrict access- are you into B2B business? Shopify has got you something new that might be very helpful to your business. Now you can restrict access to your sales representatives so they can only place orders and view customer information from their account. You can also define concrete access levels for your various labels of sales executives.
  • Increase in the maximum number of products in a bundle- were you facing problems with the cap limit of the number of products in a bundle? Well, Shopify heard you. Now you can bundle up to 30 products in a bundle and offer your customers a curated group of products to buy together and thus help increase order value for your business.
  • Sync ratings and reviews- today the world operates on ratings and reviews. From buying something as small as a pen to getting a house we check the reviews first. Thus as a business, it's very important to ace the review and rating game. With the new update, you can now sync ratings and reviews across more surfaces. The replies you feed in will be auto-updated everywhere with improvements in data management by metaobjects. To build trust with customers your reviews will have a verified badge signifying shop-generated reviews.
  • Financing through Shopify term loans- financing your dream store is a big challenge that all entrepreneurs face. Thus Shopify has come up with a flexible kind of financing. They have come up with term loans that are customized to your business needs. What can be better than this? Shopify will reward you with APY for the free money in your no-balance account. There is no minimum balance or limit up to which you can earn.

These are just some of the Shopify Winter Updates for complete information on all the updates and features click here. Do share your thoughts about the few Shopify features with us and for more of such freshly brewed content do follow our blogs.  At Tech Wishes we keep adding content that can help you ace your Shopify business.


2024-03-04 10:09:28