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What is the importance of product description on Shopify?

What is the importance of product description on Shopify?

Product description as the idea suggests is used to describe the product that one wishes to sell. But the role of it is not that simple. Shopify e-commerce experts suggest that product descriptions can be skillfully used to advertise, build traffic, make sales, and even increase SEO ranking.

Don't worry our team of Shopify e-commerce developers has got your back. From our experience with our clients, we have found a few key points that can play a very important role in creating product descriptions. In this blog, we will discuss in detail how can product description help our Shopify business and how should we go about it. So let us get started:

  • Description - it is the first chance for the seller to communicate with the customers as to what is he selling and why he feels they would like to include the product in their daily life. With skillful use of the opportunity, one can create the desire for their product by describing convincingly about it. One must keep in mind how they describe their product is how the consumers are going perceive it and will influence their buying decisions.
  • Differentiate your product - with the kind of cut-throat competition in the market and the availability of many similar alternatives, consumers might be tempted to shift to some competitors. To avoid such a situation one should describe how different and unique their product is and why should one not think to switch.
  • Advertising - using engaging product descriptions can boost advertising. Engaging content is more likely to be shared on social media and social sharing can help increase the visibility of the product and thus bring more traffic to Shopify stores. Also the more a product reappears the better the chances of it creating impact.
  • Converting sales - product description should be framed in such a way that it creates a sense of desire, urgency, and excitement among the visitors encouraging them to make purchases. It should be created in a way that the target audience connects and relates to it.
  • SEO ranking - product descriptions should include relevant keywords as search engines consider product descriptions while deciding the SEO ranking. Increased SEO ranking can help customers easily find the product.
  • Trust building -  Clear and detailed descriptions can help build trust among potential customers. Customers are likely to purchase only from sites they find trustworthy. Building trust will help bring in new customers and repeat customers.
  • Concise description - as everything is going mobile and much of the traffic comes from mobile phones it becomes extremely important to make content mobile friendly. Short and crisp descriptions not only are mobile friendly but also very convincing. Unnecessary lengthy descriptions tend to get ignored.
  • Reduce returns and dissatisfaction - product descriptions help customers get a clear idea of what to expect from the product and thus they have a clear idea of what are they going to get out of it. Thus the chances of returns and dissatisfaction get reduced. As a result, a positive brand image is created.
  • Brand image - maintaining consistency over the product descriptions helps customers build an overall brand image, helps to make a markable brand image, and reinforms brand values.
  • Adapt to various platforms - while selling on various platforms maintaining engaging product descriptions helps maintain consistency across various platforms.

From the above discussion, we can very well conclude that product descriptions need to be curated with the utmost details as they can be the make-or-break point for a company. Investing proper time and attention is very important to get the desired results. In a competitive market, one should not waste a chance to up their game in the business.

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